Liberty Hamilton


I'm very interested in visualization and analysis of all types of data, so I have included some interesting side projects here. Code is available on my github page -- see my code page for more information.

FEMA Analysis

I used this project to learn d3, with the side effect being that I learned a lot about natural disasters in the U.S. Using free data from the government website, I chose to look at FEMA spending by U.S. county from 1999-2011.

NeuroTree Analysis

This is a project near and dear to my heart -- a neuroscience genealogical tree! It's fun to poke around to see who has worked with whom and where people end up. I did not create the original NeuroTree (thanks to Steven David and Ben Wilmore, former UC Berkeley neuro people!), but I asked them for the data and then tried plotting it in lots of interesting ways. If you look at these data and have any more cool questions to ask, please email me!

"Fiscal Cliff" Twitter Analysis

When everyone was ranting about budgets and going over the "fiscal cliff" earlier this year (2013), I thought it would be fun to do a sentiment analysis on tweets mentioning the "fiscal cliff" -- at least to distract myself from getting annoyed about politics.

Lab Safety

I made this visualization for an article in the Berkeley Science Review. This is a more simple visualization written in d3, mostly from tutorials/examples by Mike Bostock.