Liberty Hamilton



I do most of my coding in python and MATLAB, with a little bit of R thrown in for good measure. You can find my code on my github page.

2017: My colleagues and I have developed a freely available python pipeline for preprocessing MRI and CT scans for localizing electrodes in ECoG. Our pipeline relies on other freely available python and neuroscience tools (no license/payment required)! We've also attached some nice plotting functions to make it easy to make beautiful figures! The paper is in progress and will be linked upon publication.

Oct 2013: I added a link to the Ising Model code I wrote with Jascha Sohl-Dickstein and Alexander Huth to my github page. Included are instructions on how to fit an Ising model to your own neural data and some sample neural data I provide. This analysis was used in our 2013 Neuron paper, "Optogenetic stimulation of an inhibitory network enhances functional connectivity in auditory cortex".

I also have code available from shorter non-neuro projects, like an interactive map of FEMA emergency spending in the U.S. written in python/visualized in JavaScript/d3 that you can find on my projects page. Code is available on Github.


Side Projects