Alex and Liberty - June 28, 2014

If the information on the other pages has not answered your questions, hopefully you will find some answers here!

We have also created a google group to organize camping supplies and rides to the farm. Please join the group and make a post if you can provide rides or if you need a ride to the wedding site.

  1. Why the farm?
    We decided to get married at Full Belly Farm while browsing for wedding caterers, and realized that the place that we get delicious vegetables from every other week also caters delicious food! Because this place is directly reponsible for us eating our vegetables and cooking for ourselves like real adults, and because these vegetables are really delicious, we decided it was a great fit. Then we found out the farm also hosted weddings and allowed guests to camp out afterwards, so this seemed like a great way to have a memorable celebration with friends.
  2. I'm coming from out of town. Which airport should I fly in to?
    It depends. The closest airport to Guinda is Sacramento International Airport (and see Directions here). However, if you want to spend more time in the Bay Area, you might also consider flying to Oakland International Airport (Directions) or San Francisco International Airport (Directions).
  3. Can I come early to set up my tent?
    Of course. You can arrive at Full Belly Farm as early as 2:30pm to set up your stuff. Don't leave any valuables in there, but people will be around watching so your things should be safe.
  4. What if I want to camp, but I don't have a tent?
    Please let us know as soon as possible. We will find extra tents and try to coordinate with people who have extra equipment. It's also usually pretty hot in Guinda, so if you would like to sleep "al fresco" you may choose to do that as well!
  5. I don't want to camp. Where should I stay?
    Take a look at the list of mighty-fine accommodations.
  6. Is there running water at the farm?
    Yes, there will be bathrooms with running water on site.
  7. What should I wear?
    For the ceremony and reception, "California wedding" style works -- fancy sundresses, cocktail dresses, summer suits, a nice shirt, tie, and slacks, etc. are great. We suggest not wearing heels or anything that will dig into the ground. Also wear your sunscreen, because Guinda is really hot and sunny (see graphs below from last year's weather on the same date!)

  8. Who made the beautiful invitations?
    The bride's talented sister, Wildrose Hamilton, created the invites for the wedding.